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This full day workshop is ideal for those who want to develop their complaints investigation skills. The workshop will explore the reasons why a positive ethos towards complaints, and customers who complain, is important together with the logical steps to be followed when conducting the investigation of a complaint.

You will learn how to identify those key areas that will improve your ability to get it right first time and practice methods that will help you to prepare effective written response to complaints. Gain, also, the necessary knowledge and skills you require to create clear, structured responses. Find out how using the right tone of language and encouraging dialogue will aid resolution rates.

Course title: Investigating complaints professionally and fairly
Dates and venues: Various – contact us for more details
Duration: 1 Day
Cost: £350 per delegate
SOCAPiE members: 5%-20% discount according to membership category

Each delegate will receive a free one-year Personal membership of SOCAPiE worth £48.

There are two formats for course delivery:

Open courses: Held throughout the year according to demand from individual delegates
In-house: Held at an agreed time on your premises
Content What participants will take away
The importance and benefits of good complaints handling Change of mind set to ensure positive rather than negative rules the day
Six steps to effective resolution Understand how active listening, good questioning skills, empathy and action planning are keys to effective resolution
A complete investigation toolkit Complaint investigation toolkits that can be used to assess complaints, collate and examine evidence, inform decision-making and apply appropriate remedies and redress
How to say “no” to facilitate customer understanding rather than customer fury and frustration Find out how using the right tone of language and encouraging dialogue will aid resolution rates.
Assertive techniques to be used when responding to complaints Insights into the various assertive techniques which can help to manage different types of complainers.
Using clear, plain language to resolve written complaints The art of clear communication. How to be human, person and clear when you response.
Preparing effective written responses to complaints The structure, format and language of responses.
Six steps to resolving complaints Active listening
Staying calm
Rapport building and empathy
Action and follow up
The customer’s “iceberg”
Types of complainers
Seven common blocks to active listening
Time speak
Increased awareness of why customers complain
To avoid blocking out vital information
The importance of empathy and empathetic statements
Role and responsibilities of complaints handlers The role played by complaint handlers and the responsibility they carry The complaint process and you
Delivering a fair, reasonable and impartial approach
The role of the complaint handler in the complaint handling process
Key considerations for treating customers
Investigation toolkit Complaint assessment
Investigation process
Pointers for interviewing
Weighing the evidence
Framing the complaint
Reality checks
Decision making and the balance of probabilities
Apology to financial redress
A methodical approach to complaint investigations
Remain impartial and fair to avoid accusations of taking sides
Use of language How to say “no”
Assertive techniques
Clear, plain language
Hard “no” v service “no”
Broken record, fogging, win-win, negative assertion and negative enquiry
The art of clear communication. How to be human, personal and clear when you respond
Create a positive response for any outcome
Appreciate customer feelings and emotions
Do justice to your response
Reviewing responses Good practice template
Reviewing a response before sending
Explore the structure and use of common sense
10 point checklist for reviewing complaints
Use a template for reviewing responses
Provide a professional response

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