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Trade and professional bodies need to uphold proper and fair practice by defending members against unfair complaints; however, on the flipside, they also need to identify where a member, whether as a firm or an individual is operating in a way that is not consistent with the objectives and ideals of your sector, or indeed bringing it into disrepute.

UsefulFeedback lets membership organisations take control of complaints against members. As an enterprise scale solution, UsefulFeedback’s complaint management software for membership organisations is capable of managing high volumes of cases, so it’s suitable for even the largest trade and industry bodies.

UsefulFeedback adapts to the definitions of your complaints classification system and fits in with your process, so you don’t have to re-design how you handle and organise the investigation of complaints against your members. Dedicated functionality combined with automation enables small teams of complaint handlers to stay on top of the workload and steer every complaint to an appropriate resolution in a timely and efficient manner.

Industry complaint management features

  • Easy to use, intuitive system that makes it simple for the complaints team to look after the interests of your members and the industry or profession
  • Full audit trail supporting transparency of process, promoting trust, and perceptions of an even-handed approach for each stage of the complaint procedure
  • Readily accessible, with information sharing across all parties involved in investigations and comprehensive reporting and analysis to drive organisational learning

Core functionality

  • Enterprise-wide – rich tools delivered to those staff regularly handling customer feedback but simple email and web form based interface for all other staff less frequently involved in feedback processes – dramatically reducing training needs
  • On-line contact forms – allowing customers to quickly and simply report issues from your website
  • Social media interaction – assess, analyse and respond where necessary to customer comments found across a variety of social media sites
  • Easy to use contact management interface – giving staff the tools to quickly and efficiently capture feedback and track progress on behalf of a customer
  • Automated case assignment – customer cases are automatically routed to relevant team for prompt handling and resolution
  • Intelligent workflow – prompting case handlers to carry out the right action at the right time
  • Multi-lingual correspondence templates – giving case handlers the ability to correspond by email or by letter in the customer’s own language
  • Root cause analysis – comprehensive and industry-specific root cause classifications supported by threshold alerts are included allowing you to make a quickly understand and address underlying causes
  • Geodata options – cases can be linked, using a map interface, to a specific location – providing a wealth of opportunities for improved management of area-based caseloads and better understanding of customer issues

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