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Some might use a one-size fits all approach and try to squeeze you into a general purpose ‘solution’. However, in the way ill-fitting gloves make for clumsy handling, such an approach is unsatisfactory because the solution is not tailored to your needs and it never fits quite right.

Effective and efficient complaint management processes need to be supported by software specialisation, customising the solution for the local or international regulatory frameworks that you need to observe in your sector.


UsefulFeedback for Financial Services is compliance-ready and designed to allow you to meet detailed regulatory requirements and at the same time enhance the customer experience.

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Central Government

UsefulFeedback for Central Government enables you to utilise a scalable platform that delivers easy-to-use case management tools covering Parliamentary Questions, FOI requests, subject access requests, complaints, feedback and ministerial correspondence.

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Local Government

UsefulFeedback for Local Government is tailored for your feedback case management needs, including the management of corporate complaints, member enquiries, statutory complaints as well as general feedback.

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UsefulFeedback for B2B enables you to automate the distribution of complaints, queries and feedback throughout your supply chain and better manage your vendor and supplier relationships.

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Travel and Transport

UsefulFeedback for Travel and Transport enables you to take command of customer feedback and raise your performance, especially when you face challenges that are often beyond your control such as the weather.

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UsefulFeedback for Healthcare, for both public and independent healthcare providers, enables you to get immediate visibility of patients concerns and take action to reduce risk and improve patient care.

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UsefulFeedback for Utilities enables you to effectively manage complaints in an increasingly sensitive climate, where regulators are increasingly watching over complaint handling.

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Food and Beverage

UsefulFeedback for Food and Beverage enables you to manage product feedback simply and effectively, whether it’s food safety, traceability or any other industry specific aspect.

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UsefulFeedback for Property enables you to manage complaints well and reduce time spent on protracted disputes so that you can focus on your core business, whether that is real estate, lettings or property maintenance.

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UsefulFeedback for Telecoms enables you to manage complaints efficiently and effectively within an operational environment that is characterised by rapid technological change, fast evolving service products and large volumes of subscribers.

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Law Enforcement

UsefulFeedback for law enforcement agencies enables you to place good customer service right at the heart of policing by enabling complaints management to stand up under scrutiny and meet community expectations for transparency.

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UsefulFeedback for Legal gives you the right tools that will help you meet regulatory standards for efficient and effective complaint handling and management.

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UsefulFeedback for Retail helps you to protect your reputation and provides opportunities to enhance your brand by enabling better standards of customer care when responding to feedback.

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Membership Organisations

UsefulFeedback lets membership organisations take control of complaints against members. As an enterprise scale solution, UsefulFeedback is capable of managing high volumes of cases, so it’s suitable for even the largest trade and industry bodies.

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