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5 ways to get fined by the FCA for complaints handling

Regulated firms and preparing for the complaint handling rules that came in 2016

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Developing an effective complaint classification system

An overview of the UsefulFeedback approach to classifying and categorising complaint data

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Why you need more than CRM and customer support systems

An effective complaints and feedback software solution can be a great tool

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Resolving customer complaints across social media and traditional channels

An overview of the strategic considerations and tactical approaches to handling customer complaints

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Supporting the resolution and analysis of customer complaints

An overview of complaint management ICT requirements

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Developing an effective complaint classification system for financial services

An overview of creating an effective complaint system for a financial services company

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What is a complaint management system?

Better complaint management with systematic processes and meta model-based software

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Start taking better control of complaint management today

Expertise from acknowledged complaint management thought leaders

Consultative approach to solving your specific problems

Easy to use and secure with powerful integration features for rapid roll out

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