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Tenokate System

A template system provides a blueprint of the solution for your sector, accelerating the implementation process. We then fine tune it to your specific needs by using our form designer, workflow and external interface configuration tools. Our solution allows for rapid implementation through our wide range of industry templates.

Highly Configurable

At the same time our solution is highly configurable and allows for further configuration as per your organisation’s needs with unparalleled flexibility through our sophisticated form designer, workflow and external interface configuration tools.

Wizard Driven

All input screens are wizard driven and context sensitive. Role based permissions ensure users only see the areas of the system, or indeed the aspects of a case, that they specifically need. And the intelligent, task focussed user interface, guides case workers through the process, step by step – ensuring staff always know what to do next.

Easy for occasional users

It’s even easier for occasional users tasked with responding to a complaint, they simply get an email with a link to view details of the complaint and a further link that opens up their word processor with a response template, already pre-populated with the case’s details. No training required!

Dedicated user interfaces

Dedicated user interfaces are available for: Contact centre agents, Case workers, Occasional users, Mobile users

Smooth roll-out across your organization

Our consultative workshop driven approach helps with the implementation of our solution tailor-made to your organization’s needs. Our project implementation teams help you ensure quick and efficient on-boarding of UsefulFeedback across all your business entities – on time.

Security & resilience

UsefulFeedback on-demand is implemented through Amazon AWS, the leading cloud computing platform in use today. It provides real-time scalability, failure resilient services and high levels of physical and network security. Our services utilise Amazon AWS’s European data centres and are designed to operate at a level of security difficult for most in-house operations to match. Data communications use 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and our services are regularly penetration tested to ensure compliance with the latest security standards.

Specific hosting requirements

Contact us if you have specific hosting requirements. For example, we can implement access through a Virtual Private Cloud, enabling you to connect your existing infrastructure to a set of isolated resources via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Or as an alternative to Amazon AWS, we can also host solutions through our own data centre, for example if you require access through a leased line.

Staff directory integration

Contact us to integrate your staff directory with UsefulFeedback through SecureLDAP and benefit from single sign on and instant availability in UsefulFeedback of contact details for your colleagues.

Access controls

All data and data access facilities are assigned granular security access levels and these are enforced at all times. All user credentials, passwords and access keys are encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. Application access may be locked down by IP address

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