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A Third Choice

For many organisations, the implementation of a new software platform can become a frustrating experience. More often than not, large enterprises are forced to choose between a pair of stark choices:

  • Out-of-the-box: Software features may not be wholly applicable. Additional development work may be needed to align the solution with business requirements; or,
  • Fully Bespoke: The end product will be aligned with business requirements, but the time and financial expense may be significant.

Both options are not ideal as they can be time-consuming, expensive and may lack the capability to effectively scale as the enterprise grows. The need to hire development resources also represents a long-term cost as maintenance requirements increase as the system ages and becomes more complex.

UsefulFeedback, the flagship complaint management system from UK-based iCasework, sidesteps all of these pitfalls by taking an innovative approach to enterprise-level implementation. Our methodology is based on three core concepts: Integrated Configuration, Productive Listening and Comprehensive Testing.


Integrated Configuration

UsefulFeedback offers the flexibility of a fully bespoke software solution, but without the need to spend on development. This is possible due to our fully integrated built-in configuration tools. These tools completely transform the implementation process — instead of time-consuming development plans and coding, the focus shifts to business analysis and rapid deployment based on your enterprise’s specific requirements.

Our built-in configuration tools are designed to empower organisations to take full control of their processes as well as how information is collected:

  • Workflow Designer: This configuration tool provides a full event-driven framework that puts you in control of how functionality is triggered in your workflows. Functionality can be configured to occur based on any number of events, such as case creation, case triage, case withdrawal, case outcomes, tasks and so on. The progression of cases is based entirely on your unique business requirements and user interaction expectations; and,
  • Form Designer: This configuration tool enables your enterprise to specify exactly how to model collected data at all points during the case management process. While we do offer built-in forms for standard workflow events, the system supports full customisation whenever needed.

The flexibility provided by our integrated configuration tools enable us to quickly ramp-up the implementation process when needed in order to achieve your business requirements. Instead of laborious development planning & coding projects, the effort is focused on customising a user experience that is fully aligned with your business requirements.


Productive Listening

Speaking of business requirements, we absolutely realise that we cannot read minds nor assume that we know what your organisation needs. Our approach, then, is to take measures to fully understand exactly what you want your UsefulFeedback implementation to accomplish.

We facilitate this by using a series of workshops designed to understand your requirements, discuss the best way to achieve those requirements and, ultimately, create a set of defined changes to our template configuration. We want to work with you and—most importantly—listen to your needs so that we can collaboratively finalise a plan of action.

The implementation process typically involves multiple stakeholders, all of whom have their own unique expectations in terms of how the software will impact both themselves and their teams. With over 16 years of enterprise case management experience, we are particularly aware of the multiple user roles involved and how the software can improve, and change, existing processes.

During the workshop sessions, we encourage extensive staff involvement in order to promote buy-in and ownership of the solution. The iCasework team places a focus on listening to user concerns, understanding how local processes can align with functionality and seeking the engagement of key staff at every opportunity.


Comprehensive Testing

After agreement on how best to meet business requirements, we initiate the process of structured testing for all aspects of your customised UsefulFeedback system. The testing process involves system tests (ensure that functionality works as expected), user acceptance testing (ensure that the platform is consistent with expectations) and environmental user acceptance testing.

We take a formal & structured approach to the testing process with an emphasis on efficient deployment without compromising quality.



Our cloud-based infrastructure is highly secure and scalable for large enterprises managing in excess of 1 million complaints per year. We are an ISO 27001 certified company (ISMS) that follows a systematic approach to the handling of customer data and security. We take extra steps to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Automated backups, network isolation, fail-over automation, data replication across multiple data centres and AES-256 encryption all combine to keep your sensitive data fully protected from all potential threats.

We use Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure and its component services to manage our hosting and database requirements. This flexible framework enables us to offer real-time scalability that supports the continual growth of your enterprise’s case management needs.

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