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Corrective actions and improvement projects

Case handlers can specify individual learning outcomes and also decide to initiate a project that can focus on wider improvement outcomes. The project can be defined, assigned and managed – risk evaluated, project members are recruited, meetings organised, conference calls arranged, documents and files attached, actions allocated – until completion of the project’s goals.

Compliance audits

Based on a monthly sample size, compliance teams are provided with a queue of cases to be checked and assessed against defined compliance criteria. Audits are completed through a customisable, intelligent form and these can be further analysed and assessed using the reporting features.

Satisfaction surveys

Customers may be sent a survey asking for their feedback on the complaint experience. This can be completed online or returned by post. The collected data is available for reporting and analysis.

Knowledge sharing

Case handlers are presented with "similar cases" when managing complaints. This allows the lessons identified in a complaint to be more easily shared across your organisation.

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