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Automated postal delivery

UsefulFeedback automates postal delivery of local and international correspondence through integration with a wide range of postal services. No need to print or handle envelopes – posting a letter becomes as easy as sending an email!

Secure email

Email has the potential to be an unsecure contact channel. Therefore, UsefulFeedback provides a secure method where a password protected secure link provides encrypted access for the user to download the email and its attachments – the password is sent separately by text message or email.


The task of responding to complaints and enquiries can be delegated to in-house or out-sourced case handlers – even if they are not users of UsefulFeedback Non-users simply receive an email with a link to edit the letter or email. On completion, the correspondence can then be authorised and sent by the caseworker assigned to the case.


Your process might require that certain correspondence is approved before sending to the customer. UsefulFeedback has an approval feature that allows specific correspondence types to require approval or gives a case handler the flexibility to decide to get approval for a specific response.

Email integration

UsefulFeedback provides extensive email integration for case handlers. Emails sent to customers in response to their case are sent with a reply-to address pointing to a mailbox which is periodically scanned by the system for new emails. Therefore, when the customer replies, the contents of their reply along with any attached files are imported back into the original case and the associated caseworker will be alerted to the new information.

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