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Capture cases Screenshot
Capture cases Screenshot

Simple interface

Casual users can use a simple form based interface to capture details of the contact – the case can be resolved immediately or escalated and assigned (based on pre-defined rules) to a specialist back office team.

Contact management

Call handling agents can be provided with a more sophisticated interface that provides instant access to the customer’s contact history and any other relevant details.

Postcode lookup

Save time entering addresses through our international postcode lookup feature.

Automated transcription

This feature allows calls to be directed to a specific phone number where the customer can provide details of their feedback – the details will be transcribed and a case automatically created and placed in an assignment queue ready to be actioned.

Telephony integration

Call handling can be enhanced by integrating UsefulFeedback with a modern telephony system using a standard interface (API). Calls from known phone numbers will automatically locate the customer, both call and case can be transferred to back office teams and outbound calls can also be initiated. Importantly, calls can be recorded and the recording automatically associated with the relevant case record.

Document management

Scanned documents and other files can be uploaded, securely stored in the database and attached to case files. Integration with enterprise document systems can also be implemented.

Scanner integration

TWAIN-compatible scanners can be linked to UsefulFeedback to simplify the process of associating documents with a case.

Email integration

Customers can send emails to a specific email address and UsefulFeedback will create a case ready for assignment and action. Employees receiving emails directly from customers can also forward the email to a mailbox and UsefulFeedback will collect the details together with any attachments and create a new case. Complaints can be captured from a web form within your organisation's website.

Web forms

UsefulFeedback includes pre-designed forms (AAA accessible) that can be rapidly deployed on a website for customers to complete and submit their feedback – creating a case that can either be automatically assigned or placed in an assignment queue. These forms can be customised and styled to meet the organisation’s own requirements. An optional feature also allows the customer to securely track the progress of their feedback and add any additional information if required.

Self-service portal

UsefulFeedback can also provide a fully-featured self-service portal that allows customers to securely sign-in (this can be integrated with a range of social media logins or any other existing authentication method), submit feedback and view the progress of any existing cases. The portal components can also be integrated into any existing online portal for customers.

Mobile and tablet friendly interface

Our user interface is responsive and automatically adapts to the device used to access the system, providing users with a consistent interface working equally well on phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Social media feeds

Multiple RSS and Atom feeds can be configured across a variety of social media sites. UsefulFeedback will monitor the feeds, create cases and automatically assign to specific user teams for action. Twitter and Facebook Capture and categorise tweets and Facebook posts and – when a response is required – assign and respond on an appropriate channel.

CRM Integration

Share customer and case information with your chosen customer system(s) in real time. Customer details can be retrieved from the CRM system; on submission of a form, case details can be sent back to the CRM system to create a case record; as case-work is actioned, any status changes made can be shared between the two systems. Interface points may be implemented through SOAP or REST web services or through direct SQL access.

Capture cases using our API

Create cases,update customer details, add case notes, retrieve case details or implement a range of other interactions through our standard integration interface (REST API).

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