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Complaint management software: A strategic proposition

The case for complaint management software is a strategic proposition. Essentially, good complaint management is a marketplace differentiator that provides competitive advantage.  There are a number of other compelling benefits that fall out of the strategic rationale for choosing UsefulFeedback as your complaint management system.

Meet regulatory compliance

UsefulFeedback is a complaint software solution, purpose-built by experts in complaint management as a process, and by those in designing complaint software systems. It is customised to incorporate features to meet the compliance mission in many different sectors, such as financial services, public services and transport.

Continual service improvement

The Business Intelligence (BI) obtained from the UsefulFeedback complaint software is pivotal for quality management and continual improvement. The capability to improve service products is continually driven by analytics delivered by our complaint management system. Features such as Root Cause Analysis, Audits, knowledge sharing and customer surveys are some examples of how our complaint software is able to drive quality improvement.

Management information at the fingertips

One of the fundamental elements of any complaint management software application is to report and support analysis. When it comes to complaint management software, the UsefulFeedback complaint management system delivers best-in-class reporting and analytics to put management information at the fingertips, so compliant management leaders can make better decisions.

More positive customer perceptions

Of course, no organisation wants to have an ombudsman or other third-party step in to arbitrate where complainants believe they may have been unfairly treated. UsefulFeedback interweaves fairness and consistency into the functionality of your complaint management software solution and process, helping promote and embed these values as part of your organisation’s culture. Ultimately, this helps build your reputation as a customer centric-organisation.

Multichannel case capture

Potentially, every communication channel your organisation uses could be the source of a complaint, so we built the UsefulFeedback complaint management system to centralise complaints data gathered from multiple streams such as telephone, email, web forms and social media in a uniform format, optimised for display and use on smartphones and tablets.

Stay on top of timelines

Regulatory codes often incorporate deadlines where the organisation is required to respond or act. With the UsefulFeedback complaint management system, the ability to meet such time-based compliance requirements is automated. Next actions are automatically triggered. Deadlines and dependencies are flagged so that complaint management leaders can see where to focus effort.

Task automation

Low-level, manual tasks are not the best use of time of case handlers or complaints managers. UsefulFeedback complaint management software automates low-level tasks in a number of areas. The compliant management software automates correspondence management, and next actions which are configured through rules based policies.

Quick rollout

As a complaint management system, UsefulFeedback was designed to be quickly rolled out. Secure cloud means negligible impact on the organisation’s IT infrastructure, minimising the barrier to adoption. Templates for each sector are fine-tuned for your needs. Configuration Wizards make it easy to define service structure, control access, edit drop-down list values, and add the features you need for your business.

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