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Complaints Management: Turning negatives into positives has been designed to help any company or organisation improve the effectiveness of its customer complaint processes and systems. It adheres to the principles of the complaint management standard BS ISO 10002:2004 Quality management- Customer satisfaction- Guidelines for complaints handling in organisations.

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Who is it for?

The book is intended as a reference for anyone (individual, company or organisation) considering a review of complaint management processes or seeking accreditation to BS ISO 10002:2004. Thus, it will be of interest to professionals in customer service related industries, regulators, ombudsman and adjudicators

How does it help?

The book draws on case studies from a variety of sectors, such as financial services, healthcare, not-for-profit, utilities, and the travel industry to present the reader with opportunities to reflect on good practice while realising the underlying benefits of the standard.

It also includes quotes and statistics that can support an internal business case, as well as practical checklists for handling complaints, analysing root causes, and conducting system reviews.

The book also references the benefits that can be delivered from external dispute resolution schemes and how BS ISO 10003:2007 Quality management- Customer satisfaction- Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organisations delivers a standard for improving the effectiveness of such schemes.

What the experts have said about Complaints Management: Turning negatives into positives:

“Michael’s book is a timely one. It coincides with a time of increased and increasing customer expectation of a ‘right to complain’; within and beyond the regulated arena. The book is the perfect antidote to those who think that ignoring customer dissatisfaction is a risk worth taking”. Peter Swingler, Head of Central Complaints, London Borough of Camden.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who has to deal with the impact of complaints”. Robert Crawford, Chief Executive, SOCAPiE.

“Michael Hill has produced a thoughtful book containing valuable insights, references, and data. I strongly support the essential premise of his thesis that complaints, feedback, and comments from citizens and consumers should be welcomed and service delivery improved from lessons learnt”. Dr Mike Biles, Housing Ombudsman.


  • The rise of the consumer;
  • The dissatisfied customer (understanding the needs and expectations of dissatisfied customers);
  • The business case (how to build a business case for effective complaint management);
  • The complaint handling process (how to deliver an open, effective, easy-to-use process);
  • The learning cycle (how to drive product and service improvement from the analysis and evaluation of complaints);
  • Social media; The need to keep moving forward (how to review the effectiveness and efficiency of the complaint management system);
  • The role of top management (how to obtain top management involvement and commitment);
  • A critical friend? (How to use external dispute resolution bodies to increase the effectiveness of the complaint management system);
  • Conclusions; Checklists (checklists for complaint handling, investigations, root cause analysis, audits, reviews, and ICT requirements);
  • Appendix A, Customer feedback policy;
  • Appendix B, Handling complaints;
  • Appendix C, Investigating Complaints;
  • Appendix D, Handling complaints on social media;
  • Appendix E, Monitoring.

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