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Using story-telling techniques to liven up your complaints data

Earlier this year, I attended a talk by Richard Sedley of Foviance on social media and customer service. Richard gave a very engaging presentation and reminded me of the importance of story telling in engaging with an audience. Richard outlined the key components for a good story. They are: passion to make your customers care…

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Competing for your customers’ complaints

The customer that experiences or discovers a problem with a service or product, will decide to: take no action the customer decides not to tell anyone about the experience (however, they may decide to switch to another supplier or become significantly less loyal); complain privately the customer tells friends and family about the negative experience;…

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Customer complaints – your greatest source of learning?

The customer who complains to any business or organisation should be valued because many (or maybe the majority??) dissatisfied customers will simply take their business elsewhere and not even give you an opportunity to respond and act – but possibly tell many others about the bad experience. Even in non-profit environments, customers may seek to…

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