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3 day complaint resolution strategy: 6 steps to more effective complaint handling at the frontline

Improve 3 day resolution rates The new FCA complaint handling rules for 2016 brings the requirement to report all complaints, including those resolved by the frontline in 3 days or less. This doesn’t diminish the incentive to resolve complaints at the frontline. It cuts down on the volume escalated to complaint handling teams and reduces…

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Free Guide: 5 ways to get fined by the FCA for complaints handling

Compliance burden continues to grow The compliance burden on the finance industry continues to grow. In addition to the rules governing the core business of financial firms, complaint handling is a major point of scrutiny for the Financial Conduct Authority. As a result of the recently concluded thematic review, new rules for 2016 are to…

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UsefulFeedback enables finance sector to meet new FCA 2016 complaint handling rules

UsefulFeedback has released a dedicated on demand SaaS solution to help UK finance firms meet the requirements set out by the FCA in its recent policy statement ‘PS15/19: Improving complaints handling, feedback on CP14/30 and final rules’. This policy was developed following the FCA’s Thematic Review of complaint handling during 2014. Hans Grefte, Managing Director…

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Meeting the requirements of the 2016 FCA complaint handling rule changes

FCA thematic review and new rules 2014/2015 has seen the FCA conduct a thematic review of compliant handling in the financial sector. The findings were published last November and new rules changes were announced in July’s full policy statement. The statement confirms the following new requirements for finance firms: Extending the ‘next business day rule’,…

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Customer Input or Customer Involvement?

A recent survey conducted by Forbes Insights and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) shows that while many companies solicit customer “input”, few really “involve” their customers in business decisions aside from simply receiving survey and complaint data. The survey found that companies who genuinely involve customers in the development and delivery of products and…

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FTSE 100 Corporate Brands: Digital Maturity

The Creative Agency Radley Yaldar has released a report on the digital maturity of Britain’s top 100 companies. The report finds that many of Britain’s top companies are digitally immature with most of them failing to capitalise on customer interaction opportunities via digital, social and mobile platforms. The report benchmarked the top 100 companies in…

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Social media changes the rules of engagement

Timna Jacks SMH Date April 4, 2015 United Airlines clearly didn’t set out to break guitars. But the airline quickly earned that reputation in 2009 when a disgruntled customer Dave Caroll broadcast on YouTube a song about his failed bid for compensation from the airline, after it broke his $US3500 guitar. The airline’s “indifference” to the…

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Retail Ombudsman opens door to complaints

Complaints management software for retailers Membership of this new Ombudsman is open to high street traders as well as online consumer-facing businesses. The Retail Ombudsman has been set up to help members to comply with upcoming EU regulations that will provide wide access of consumers to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) schemes. The European Commission is…

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Gathering UsefulFeedback on social media

Resolving customer complaints on social media will present your organisation with both challenges and opportunities. Your organisation may benefit initially by simply listening to the conversations on social media to discover how your customers are using social media before taking steps to actively engage with your customers on social media. Some organisations may find that…

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Improving customer services for a better business

By giving you the tools to capture, manage and report on complaints and feedback from all your customer contact points we can give your organisation a tremendous strategic advantage; the ability to act upon the needs and desires of your customers faster and more effectively than the competition. With UsefulFeedback, providing a service that’s head…

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