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Benefits of Centralisation vs Local Resolution

The question of placement The concept of effective customer service is often paid much lip service, but aligning reality with intent is seldom a realised goal. In an ideal world, organisations would realise the cyclic nature of customer service and embrace its many stages, with complaint management being a critical component. Complaint management represents an…

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UK Complaint Handling Awards

The UK Complaint Handling Awards provides a truly unique platform that rewards the hard work and dedication of front-line complaints staff. With the exciting awards finals created as a conference-style event and held in a stunning London location during the working day, networking and learning opportunities with many other business leaders are maximised. The finalists…

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Resolving persistent complaints

The outliers of complaint management The field of complaint management is often portrayed as difficult, time-consuming and not for the faint of heart. Experts in complaint resolution, however, realise that the complaints process is a natural component of customer engagement and – when viewed strategically – is best approached as an opportunity to recruit a…

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Considerations when outsourcing a Complaints Team

Outsourcing: The current state of the industry By and large, the growth of distributed workforce and outsourcing models have mirrored technology’s capability to effectively deliver them. Telecommuting arrangements back in the 1990s were the early precursors of outsourcing, blending an in-office presence with the occasional work from home allowance. Since then the concept has given…

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GDPR update

Like most other organisations, we have been considering the implications of the forthcoming GDPR legislation. This note sets out our approach to adapting to the changes: 1. Updates to our Data Protection casework module We are incorporating changes and adding additional case types to support management and administration of security breaches as well as GDPR…

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UsefulFeedback v.8.0: More functionality, a clearer layout and even easier to use

Developing UsefulFeedback’s cloud platform provisioning The team continues to forge ahead, making sure UsefulFeedback continues to stay at the forefront of complaint management technology. The team have just completed development and testing of version 8.0 and we have released it. There are a number of new features as well as layout improvements and minor tweaks….

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Certainty about sovereignty, increasing resilience and deploying on any cloud platform your enterprise chooses

Developing UsefulFeedback’s cloud platform provisioning As a cloud based solution, hosting infrastructure is a pretty big part of what we do. There are two developments around UsefulFeedback’s cloud platform provisioning that are likely to be of interest. Amazon UK infrastructure Data sovereignty is a pretty big issue. If Privacy Shield has moved us on from…

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Complaint management as a competitive advantage: Geography, psychology and customer service

Trend for UK telecoms onshoring customer service jobs Last month it was announced that Vodafone is to ‘repatriate’ 2,100 customer service roles back to the UK, part of an increasing trend for telecoms providers to onshore jobs back from the lower wage economies to which many have been shifted over the last 20 years or…

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UK Complaint Handling Awards 2017: Results and an interview with chairman Michael Hill

UK Complaint Handling Awards 2017 results Last month saw the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2017 take place in London. This was the first ever event of its kind in the UK to focus on how well businesses manage consumer complaints. After adjudication by panels of independent business experts the following winners were announced and had…

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37 billion reasons UK companies should embrace complaint management!

New study shows the cost of poor customer care A new study based on a survey of almost 2,500 people across the UK reveals that last year 28% of consumers chose to spend less with a company or took their business elsewhere after receiving unsatisfactory customer service. The independent body Ombudsman Services, which provides dispute…

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