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Retail Ombudsman opens door to complaints

Complaints management software for retailers Membership of this new Ombudsman is open to high street traders as well as online consumer-facing businesses. The Retail Ombudsman has been set up to help members to comply with upcoming EU regulations that will provide wide access of consumers to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) schemes. The European Commission is…

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Gathering UsefulFeedback on social media

Resolving customer complaints on social media will present your organisation with both challenges and opportunities. Your organisation may benefit initially by simply listening to the conversations on social media to discover how your customers are using social media before taking steps to actively engage with your customers on social media. Some organisations may find that…

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Improving customer services for a better business

By giving you the tools to capture, manage and report on complaints and feedback from all your customer contact points we can give your organisation a tremendous strategic advantage; the ability to act upon the needs and desires of your customers faster and more effectively than the competition. With UsefulFeedback, providing a service that’s head…

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Integrating UsefulFeedback with Microsoft Dynamics

Many organisations have adopted Microsoft CRM as their enterprise CRM solution. We have recently published a document that illustrates a working example of how our UsefulFeedback product can be rapidly integrated with Microsoft CRM. This approach allows those organisations that want to use their Microsoft CRM system for managing customer, account and sales details to…

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Complaint Management Forum 2014

Come and join us at the Complaint Management Forum 2014. We are delighted to announce that Useful Feedback will be a sponsor at the 2014 Complaints Management Forum. With expert insight from industry leaders, including key updates from the FOS and FCA, this conference will equip your firm with everything you need to ensure that…

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