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Why complaints should be viewed as useful feedback for your organisation!

Your customers are becoming increasingly well informed about their rights – especially their right to complain when things go wrong. But the impact of satisfying the complaining customer can be incredibly positive for organisations. A 2012 study of consumer attitudes towards retail customer service highlighted the positive impact that complaint handling has on customer loyalty….

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7 things to remember when designing a complaint management strategy

Your customers don’t like to complain. Well, they don’t like to complain using formal, bureaucratic procedures and receive officious responses full of technical jargon, acronyms and legalistic words (full and final settlement, ex-gratia, without prejudice…). However, if they trust you, they will happily share a problem with you and give you the opportunity to put…

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UsefulFeedback! version 7.8.1 released

UsefulFeedback v7.8.1 has been released and includes several enhancements and fixes. Major enhancements include: New Touch-enabled interface – caseworkers can now access their work using a tablet or smartphone! New interactive, visual timeline feature – allowing a user to view a graphical timeline of case events that have both already taken place and are due…

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