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Enterprise complaint
management software

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Case Managament Software
Case Management Software

Cloud based, user friendly and highly configurable

UsefulFeedback is specifically designed for capturing, managing and learning from customer complaints, feedback and enquiries consistently and effectively across your entire enterprise network.

UsefulFeedback enables organizations to:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Improve service levels
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Adhere to codes of practice
  • Implement complaint handling standards

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Benefits that help you manage complaints better

Complaints Management Software

A mature, secure and scalable on-demand complaint management platform

We have extensive experience in hosting cloud based, highly secure, highly available, scalable systems to large enterprises managing in excess of 1 million complaints per annum.

Our platform provides real-time scalability, failure resilient services and is designed to operate at a level of security difficult for most in-house operations to match.

Easy to use

Many staff dislike dealing with complaints so it is essential to provide them with complaint management software they love! UsefulFeedback provides configurable, dedicated interfaces for different user groups including:

  • Power user interface for complaint handlers
  • Light user interface for frontline staff and occasional users
  • Customer portals
  • Supplier portals

All our tools are fully responsive and work equally well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Users see only those features they have access to and that have been enabled – ensuring a clean and simple to use interface providing many time saving features.

Easy to integrate

Our REST API comprises extensible push and pull interfaces. Every input form designed through our Forms Designer has an associated REST API so configuring an input API is as simple as configuring a form. Together with a range of in-built connectors, UsefulFeedback is easy to integrate with:

  • Client & back office systems
  • Social media
  • Email & telephony systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Content management systems
  • Postal delivery systems
  • Staff directories & single sign-on
  • Document management systems
  • Calendering & office tools


Take rapid control in line with regulatory or voluntary codes

Capture Cases

From whichever channel your cases originate, centralise and put them all in one place, from multiple streams such as telephone, email, webforms and social media in a uniform format optimised for smartphone and tablet users.

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Manage Cases

Everything you need to take control and stay on top of your organisation's caseload, enabling case handlers to work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively.

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Correspondence management and automation makes for easier processing while freeing up case handlers from time-consuming low value tasks, letting them get on with what's important.

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Analysis & Reporting

Identify areas most likely to cause dissatisfaction with automated delivery of library and custom reports and real-time keyword alerts that put the information you need at your fingertips.

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A wider case management

UsefulFeedback is configured on top of our iCasework case management platform. As well as a range of pre-configured processes such as Complaints, Enquiries, Compliments and other feedback, the platform can also be configured to support additional processes.

Our workflow designer provides a full event-driven framework allowing processes to be defined around a stage based case progression model. And our form designer gives unparalleled flexibility to model the data to be collected at all points during the case management process.

Whatever sector you are in, we have a complaint management system

Complaint management software works best when optimized for your sector. Our sector templates make it easy to customize the solution to the specific regulatory environment or codes of practice that apply to your organisation.

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Complaint Management Software

Trusted by over 100 organisations globally to handle millions of complaints per year

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