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Dealing with customer complaints

The UsefulFeedback! applications are specifically designed to capture, manage and report on complaints, compliments, suggestions and enquires.

Although the end goal for dealing with customer complaints may be the same, we recognise that different sectors have different process and compliancy needs, so we have developed the industry specific applications from best practice principles within each sector.

Because of our focus and commitment to the industries we work with, each of the UsefulFeedback! solutions contain our knowledge, which has been gained over more than 12 years of involvement in the complaints management sector. Regardless of whether our applications are accessed on-demand or installed on-site, our industry knowledge is built into each application, which can then be further configured to your organisational requirements.

So wherever you are located, or what sector you operate in, UsefulFeedback! can help you listen to what your customers are telling you and act on the invaluable business intelligence they give you in order to provide exceptional customer service.

Industry solutions available now

Finance (UK)

Finance (International)

Government and Not-for-profit

Social or public housing




Sports and leisure


Travel and transport


Health care


Law enforcement

Legal services


Industries coming soon

  • Automotive
  • Fund raising (FRSB members)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Broadcasting
  • UK Green Deal
Your sector not listed? Complete our enquiry form to discuss an on-site solution or to help us configure an on-demand solution.
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