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Complaint management for the not-for-profit sector

Enhancing services with UsefulFeedback!

All not-for-profit organisation operates differently and each one varies in terms of its size and structure, but all are faced with striking a balance between the needs of the customer and the needs of the organisation.

Due to the numbers of 'customers' that not-for-profit organisations manage, the continuing economic uncertainty and the public's increasing expectations of service, these organisations are now facing increasing challenges when dealing with complaints, feedback and service levels.

UsefulFeedback! provides solutions designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations to capture, manage and report on complaints, compliments, enquires and service request on an enterprise wide scale. Developed around the best practice processes and compliance needs of Not for Profit organisations, the application can be further configured to match your own organisational requirements and can easily be integrated with other processes. There are many more benefits associated with using UsefulFeedback!, here are just a few:

Improve service by empowering all staff (at no extra cost) - UsefulFeedback! will enable any member of staff, internal or external, to log and automatically escalate complaints, service requests and general feedback at the first point of contact. The system requires no user training. As a result, the cost to service each complaint is reduced, productivity is improved, backlogs are reduced or eliminated and customer service is enhanced.

Gain customer insight and drive organisational learning - Analysing complaint and feedback data can provide the customer insight needed to pinpoint problem areas, improve efficiency, monitor service levels across minority groups, transform services, decrease unnecessary contact and ultimately reduce complaints.

Implement and comply with industry initiatives - We work with not-for-profit bodies, regulators and external adjudication bodies to ensure we can help organisations understand and deliver on complaint management initiatives by building the relevant processes into the product, so you don't need to worry about being compliant.

We have been helping not-for-profit organisations face these challenges since the product's inception in 1998 and our software is used by some of Europe's largest not for profit organisations where we are helping them to improve customer relations and provide a better service.
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