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Complaint management for leisure

Making experiences matter

UsefulFeedback! for Leisure has been developed to streamline and automate complaints handling and complaints management for a wide variety of leisure based industry sectors.

An easy to use, cost effective and intuitive system, UsefulFeedback!, complaints management for leisure, makes it easy to capture and manage complaints, comments and informal feedback.

In this fast paced, digital age, leisure time is precious, so when things go wrong it is doubly frustrating and often emotionally fraught for the consumer. Any problem will have a disproportionate impact on loyalty in comparison to other markets, making it important to listen to customers, address areas of concern and improve the all round customer experience.

UsefulFeedback! for leisure does just that. It deals with capturing, managing and reporting on complaints. The application can easily work across the whole organisation to cost effectively provide a full picture of where issues reside in order to drive change, resulting improved efficiency and enhanced customer service.

Industry features

  • Capture all feedback at the point of contact, with easy to use categorisation to allocate to the relevant area of the business
  • Easy to scale, cost effective, intuitive system that is simple to deploy across the organisation to resolve issues as they occur
  • Drill down into the complaint data for information on specific areas of the business, for example a specific site or department and specific complaints categories such as staff behaviour
UsefulFeedback! is used by companies across the following segments of the leisure and entertainment market. To make it easy for you to deal with the complaints and feedback management process, we have developed pre-configured applications that are built to cater for the needs of leisure and entertainment companies:-
  • Health clubs and sports centres
  • Venues and sports stadiums
To find out how easy it is, why not try the complaints management 30 day free trial developed specifically for your sector.
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