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Complaint management for law firms

Managing the legality of complaints

UsefulFeedback! for Law is designed specifically for the complaint management needs of Law firms.

An easy to use, cost effective and intuitive system, UsefulFeedback! makes it easy for any employee to handle complaints by streamlining and automating complaints handling and complaints management.

We live in an ever increasing litigious society, where people are quick to find issue and when things do go wrong they want redress, and that also means with their complaints. As a regulated industry, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) code of conduct outlines that legal firms must have a written complaints procedure and that complaints are handled promptly, fairly and effectively, with the option for the consumer to escalate the complaint to the Legal Ombudsman if they are unhappy with the outcome.

All of this means that legal firms need the right tools in place to deal with complaints efficiently. UsefulFeedback! for Law can be accessed on-demand by anyone in the business, stepping you through the capture and handling process to ensure you comply with the complaint regulations and have access to management reports that highlight areas of risk and concern for your clients.

Main features

  • Easy to use, intuitive system that is simple to deploy to every member of staff
  • Comply with industry regulations and provide evidentiary information with a full audit trail
  • Comprehensive task management that delivers an effective complaints process and reduces the risk of issues being escalated to the Ombudsman

Core functionality

  • Enterprise-wide - rich tools delivered to those staff regularly handling customer feedback but simple email and web form based interface for all other staff less frequently involved in feedback processes - dramatically reducing training needs
  • Online contact forms - allowing customers to quickly and simply report issues from your website
  • Social media interaction - assess, analyse and respond where necessary to customer comments found across a variety of social media sites
  • Easy to use contact management interface - giving staff the tools to quickly and efficiently capture feedback and track progress on behalf of a customer
  • Automated case assignment - customer cases are automatically routed to relevant team for prompt handling and resolution
  • Intelligent workflow - prompting case handlers to carry out the right action at the right time
  • Multi-lingual correspondence templates - giving case handlers the ability to correspond by email or by letter in the customer's own language
  • Root cause analysis - comprehensive and industry-specific root cause classifications supported by threshold alerts are included allowing you to make a quickly understand and address underlying causes
  • Geodata options - cases can be linked, using a map interface, to a specific location - providing a wealth of opportunities for improved management of area-based case loads and better understanding of customer issues

Current available configurations

  • Barristers (UK)
  • Solicitors (UK)
To find our how easy it is to deal with complaints, why not try the Legal complaints management 30 day free trial
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