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Build a responsive business

Does the level of service you provide and the way you handle complaints and feedback influence the perception people have of your company and whether or not they remain an active customer?

Well, put it this way: one company has streamlined, transparent processes in place that provide maximum visibility of information and allow fast resolution of complaints. It can identify spikes in demand and deal with them appropriately. The information it holds is easily accessible across the whole organisation so all feedback is managed efficiently and quickly across all departments. It has an immaculate audit trail, constantly improving communication and service, sharing information and, above all, keeping its promises by being able to identify and deal with the real, root causes of problems. On top of this, it is compliant with industry standards and has achieved the relevant ISO 9000 standard for quality management.

The other company has convoluted processes with inefficient duplication of activity. It can't deal with demand spikes. People are complaining about the length of time it takes to complain and customer satisfaction has reached rock bottom.

As a consumer, which is preferable?

We understand complaints management and have developed pre-configured solutions that step you through the process. UsefulFeedback! deals with the complexity of capturing, managing and reporting on complaints. So you don't have to. The applications can easily work across the whole organisation and wider 3rd party or customer network resulting in decreased costs, increased efficiency and improved customer service.
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