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UsefulFeedback! provides a number of tools for developers to integrate with other systems.

These tools focus on three main areas:-
  • Capturing cases and correspondence
  • Integration with CRM or other customer systems
  • Implementing self-service

Capturing cases & correspondence

Cases and correspondence may be captured through our Email API and through our REST API. Cases may also be created by linking to the UsefulFeedback! forms and passing values to the URL, see the URL Linking section.

Integration with CRM or other customer systems

UsefulFeedback! provides two alternative methods for CRM integration. The simplest approach is to load your customers onto UsefulFeedback!, either as a one off by uploading a spreadsheet or synchronised periodically using the Data Exchange Agent (DEA). Full details are provided in the Load Data section.

Alternatively, UsefulFeedback! may be configured to dynamically lookup customer details from an external system as detailed in CRM integration.

Self-service implementation

Self service may be implemented by building your own forms and calling our REST API to create cases. Alternatively, you may embed one of our Widgets on your web site. Or you can implement our Self-service portal and provide customers with a personalised facility to submit and track casework , branded in line with your web site.
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